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1. Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance

2. PBS Firing Line Debate on Creation/Evolution 19 December 1997


1. Jason Browning, Dr. Gerald Lenner,  Mark Rajock, 1998, Creation Science World Wide Web Site,

2. Evolution and Religion, University of Toronto

3. Biblical Creation Society

4. Faith & Reason Ministries, Reconciling Christianity with Accepted Science

5. Kevin Stachowski , 1996, "The Evolution AND Creation Page"

6.Creation Science Facts

7. Christian Apologetics Articles

8. Radiometric Dating A Christian Perspective


1. The Talk Origins Archive, Exploring the Creation/Evolution Controversy

2.  Fred K. Parrish, 1988, "I Was Suckered Into A Debate--And Survived!"

3. Richard Young, "Why Creation 'Science' Must Be Kept Out of the Classroom"

4. Tools for Understanding or Debunking Pseudoscience, Cult Archaeology, or Creationist Claims

5.  Mark I. Vuletic, 1998, "Frequently Encountered Criticisms in Evolution vs. Creationism"

6. Loren King, 1997, "Origins: Evolution and the Politics of Creation 'Science' "

7. Thomas Moore's Creation/Evolution Reference Database

8. Exploring the Creation/Evolution Controversy

9. Don Lindsay, The Creation/Evolution Controversy

10. Jerry A. Coyne, More Crank Science

11. R.J. Riggens, Things Creationists Hate

12. Ken Harding, Evolution Education Resiurce Center

13. Jacob Bronowsky, The Ascent of Man, 11. Knowledge or Certainty


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