A "LIE" is defined as a statement given by someone that is deliberately and knowingly false, with intent to deceive. In this context, what follows is a selected list of lies by certain Fundamentalist Christians who call themselves Creationists (B type). For each lie, there is a rebuttal that exposes their deceptions, clearly indicating how the statement is a deliberate falsehood.

(See EXODUS 20)

In addition, the reader is offered a link to a detailed analysis of the data.  It is hoped that this web site will expose the dishonest means by which type B Creationists persuade those ignorant of the processes of genetics, evolution and speciation, to denounce evolution in the name of God.

There are several ways by which these type B Creationists make false statements:

  1. A lie by simple and direct falsification
  2. A lie by purposefully omitting scientific evidence
  3. A lie by distortion
  4. A lie by deceptive innuendo or insinuation
  5. A lie by changing definitions to whatever fits their preconceived notions
  6. A lie by quoting an evolutionists or other scientist out of context, then giving a false meaning to the quotation that the author never intended

On each page listed below is a deceptive statement,
labeled as to which type of lie it is
then followed by factual commentary.


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