What is the Real Problem???


The evidence that supports evolution is overwhelming. It's everywhere you look, in every field of science that one may study. Life itself make no sense without evolution.

Furthermore, a person can be a devout Christian, Muslim, Jew, Hindu, Buddhist or any other theist and fully accept the idea that all life including the human species, came into existence by means of evolution. Evolution has shown that humans are, in some respects, very unique among animals, that humans are not "merely another animal." Evolutionary ideas do not reject God as the Creator. But evolutionary biology as a science cannot be involved in the belief of a god as part of its concepts, because religion is outside of the realm of science. So, if a person can be devoutly religious and believe that God created all life by means of evolution, then what can possibly be the basis for all the so called "raging conflict"?

The answer seems to be in the total inflexibility of certain fundamentalist Christians about one specific notion: they believe that evolution must deny the existence of God. It’s the only way to explain the desperation of Creationists to deny the ubiquitous evidence that evolution did in fact, occur. In every book written by Creationists, they elaborate over and over and over again, ad infinitum, ad nauseum, that everything points to a Creator, not to evolution. It appears that type B Creationists must have some sort of way to prove that God (the Creator) exists at all, rather than have faith. Creationists have sold themselves on the idea that evolution denies a God, and as a result they have resorted to lying, distorting and deceiving in the very name of God. The idea that acceptance of evolution is a denial of God is false, tragically false.  Another deception is the illogic of Henry and John Morris (1997) who say that "the evolution model stresses innovation and integration, whereas the creation model is characterized by conservation and disintegration." (See Lie #1 for further discussion.)

The basic strategy of Creationists is to portray evolutionary science as opposed to a vast array of valued institutions: family, morality, religion and even science itself. They feel that "evolution is the root of atheism, of communism, nazism, behaviorism, racism, economic imperialism, militarism, libertinism, anarchism and all manner of anti-Christian systems of belief and practice." (Morris, 1972). This practice of making evolution opposed to a large number of cherished institutions, makes it easier for their audience to choose sides against evolution, a science of which they are in total ignorance. These anti-evolutionary arguments by Creationists depend on that ignorance, so that they can present a multitude of lies to deliberately confuse and deceive their audience.

When Creationists adhere to their medieval notions regarding the origin of life forms, it causes many people to turn away from fundamentalist churches, as well as turn away from the entire concept of religion. Creationists, many having accents from southern United States, are making fools of themselves. They are, as a group, a bunch of country bumpkins who choose to ignore the ubiquitous.

In their arrogance, Creationists paint a picture of pure fantasy, a future in which we will be delivered into some sort of paradise by the hand of God. If we are to be delivered, it will be by our own actions (perhaps with the guidance of God). However, we will never achieve a paradise by listening to preachers of arrogance. We must not listen to those who prey on ignorance, preaching that we should ignore the laws of nature in the name of their self contrived god. The laws of nature may very well be the laws of a truly supreme being, an almighty God. These principles will be understood only if we are open to discoveries in nature, and that the evidence will not come from fanatical TV evangelists who claim that only THEY have the absolute truth, the very knowledge of God himself.

By accepting evolution as a well supported theory, one can fully accept the beauty and wonder in the complex diversity of life forms, and the incredible and wonderful heights to which humans are able to achieve. However, arrogance is not the way to achieve some sort of world wide "utopia." The human species will never enter into any "utopia" unless it is ready to enter the world of Darwin. It is absolutely essential not only to realize just how unique the human species is, but also how much we are a part of life on planet earth.

Yes, humans are animals, but similar to every other animal species, we are unique. It has never been shown that any other animal can connect the past with the future, then on some specific date act on some planning that occurred based on the knowledge of a past circumstance. Some advanced mammals, such as chimpanzees, can request food that will come at some time in the future. But no animal can make a plan for the future that is based on past events, then when that time arrives, follow through with the plans made in the past. That is purposeful behavior and is unique to the human species. Only humans can understand the future consequences of the actions.

People are a part of the world of life. We evolved from that life with an incredible potential for living above the lowest form of nature, simply involving tooth and claw. People are not destined in any way to be tied to a life involving a desperate search for subsistence, existing daily on the edge of disaster. We can indeed prepare for ourselves a heaven on earth. But to ignore that we are apart form life, ecologically and evolutionary, is supreme arrogance. For that kind of ecological "sin", we will pay dearly.


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