Type B Creationists repeatedly refer to a world and all the living inhabitants as being created perfectly by the hand of God.  And yet, there is no use of the term "perfect" in the verses of Genesis that describe creation, instead, the Bible uses the word "good." (See Genesis)  And yet when examining Genesis carefully, the word perfect does come up in a totally different context. So why the deception by Type B Creationists???  It is one of their desperate attempts  to bolster up their childish interpretation of Genesis and the origin of life on earth.

There was no "perfect" creation by God because the imperfections made creation much more durable, and in a sense, a much more superior method than by the childish notion of perfection. As environmental conditions changed, be they short term or long term, organisms "designed" by God as having imperfections would endure over the hundreds, thousands and yes, over billions of years. If all organisms on earth were designed after a fixed unchanging image of "perfection," like the "eidos" concept of Plato, then of course only deterioration and extinction could occur. But why would an omnipotent, omniscient and benevolent God design living things just to see them deteriorate or become extinct over the centuries? 

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