LIE #9

CREATIONIST: "Evolutionary theory does not allow for a Creator who was there, knew the facts and could reveal them to humans."- Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society


FACT: The above statement is a simple and direct lie.   The theory of evolution is a branch of science. Therefore, since belief in a Creator and religion is not in the realm of science, then the science of evolution does not deny the existence of a Creator. It is not the job of the science of evolution to "allow"
or "disallow
" any Creator, any God or any religion.  Furthermore, it is clearly possible that a God reveals his works not only in the Bible, but also in the rocks, fossils, galaxies and living things.  After all, if one person saves another person's life, is that not a revelation of an act of God?  And yet, that specific incident would not be found in the Bible. It should be noted that the word "evolution" never appears in the Bible and neither does the word "computer" or "telephone."


So...Just What is the Real Problem??


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