Lie #8

CREATIONIST: "The belief that the atoms of a "Big Bang" eventually produced people ALL BY THEMSELVES (that is, without any intelligent guidance) is contrary to the well-proven Second Law of Thermodynamics, and the fundamentals of Information Theory. The universe is known to be "running down" yet evolution postulates it is "building up". Atoms to people evolution is much more a "religious belief" than a scientific fact."
- Creation Science Web Page


FACT: The above statement is a lie by distortion. The above statement deliberately and completely distorts the relationship between the Second Law of Thermodynamics and life as understood by evolutionists. Within an organism, energy can be concentrated and organization be increased by expending energy, this is called negentropy. Thus, within an organism and thus within a population of organisms, there is a "building up," even though the entire ecosystem as a whole is "running down." Organisms and populations "build up" at the expense of the environment, therefore there is no contradiction in this aspect of evolutionary theory.  The idea that evolution is a "religious belief" is an absurdity, and exists only in the fantasies of biased type B Creationists.

In addition, the term "belief" is very ambiguous. When some people such as creationists, use the term "belief", they think that whatever is being discussed is absolutely true without any evidence needed. Scientists should not use such an ambiguos word, but instead use the term "accept." When a scientist says "I accept some of the theories of evolution.", it means that the evidence supports the ideas, so it is NOT a "belief" based purely on faith alone. It should be added that the ideas are "accepted" FOR THE TIME BEING, unless additional evidence falsifies the ideas. All scientific theories are subject to additional questioning and testing.


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