LIE #7

CREATIONIST: "Large scale change of one type of organism into another, so-called "macro-evolution", is beyond the ability of mutation coupled with natural selection to produce. Evolutionists acknowledge this is a "research issue". Even non-creation scientists (such as Denton and Behe) have written books giving the hard scientific facts that document why this is impossible."- Creation Science Web Page


FACT: The above statement is a lie by distortion. The above statement deliberately and completely distorts the concept of macroevolution as understood by evolutionists. Given enough time, say millions of years, dramatic changes can occur  in life forms: flukes for maneuvering in water, eyes for observing images  or wings for movement in air that evolved from legs. In only a few thousands of years, humans have produced dogs as different as Great Danes and Chihuahuas. By selective breeding, people have produced turkeys so heavy they can't mate and banana trees that can't reproduce on their own.  In only a few thousands of years, given the right conditions, whole new organs can evolve by changes in existing structures. The formation of new organs from old ones is by means of natural evolutionary processes.


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