LIE #5

CREATIONIST: "Creationism is not "against" modern science! In fact, the Biblical mandate to "subdue" the earth (Genesis 1:28) requires us to understand it, which is what science is all about. "Creation Science" is simply the practice of science with the assumption and acknowledgement that there is a creator God, versus the now standard operating assumption of naturalism (that nature is 'all there is' )."- Creation Science Web Page


FACT: The above statement is a lie by deception.   Science begins with an observation of a natural event or natural phenomenon, not assumptions. Religion and assumptions of a God or gods is NOT in the realm of science.  Therefore, the science of evolution would never have as one of its concepts that "nature is all there is", because that would be a statement denying the existence of some Creator. Creationists use their own definitions of terms to fit their own extreme biases and that in itself is not science. Evolution does not include OR EXCLUDE beliefs in a God or same supernatural Creator, because those things are outside of the realm of science.  Thus in that respect, the so called "Creation Science" is not science at all, because it would be a self contradiction.

The Arrogance of Ignorance

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