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CREATIONIST: "It is claimed that evolution is taking place when insects become immune to poisons being used against them. Either the poisons killed those insects on which the they were used, or they were inneffective. Those killed could not develop a resistance since they died. The survival of others could mean that they were immune at the start. Since immunity is a genetic factor that appears in some insects but not others. In any event, the insects remained the same kind. They were not evolving into anything else." - Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society


FACT: The above statement contain lies of different sorts. The first lie is the use of the term "evolution." Evolution can simply be a change in the relative frequency of alleles in a population. It is possible that evolution can lead to the formation of a new species, but not necessarily. "Speciation" is defined as the formation of a new species. Thus the author(s) of the above statement is deceptively implying that evolution and speciation are synonymous, and the formation of "something else" would be a new species. If a population changes genetically even without a new species forming, that is known as "evolution." Individual organisms do not evolve, only populations evolve. In order to confuse the public, Creationists make up their own definitions as they go according to their own biases, which is not merely a case of ignorance, but of premeditated deceit.

Read about the following examples that eplain the various forms of evolution:


a species of salamander,
Ensatina eschscholtzi

is now evolving into several species by microevolution.

the evolution of the
Peppered Moth
by natural selection
the evolution of
as a result of the use of antibiotics
the evolution of
as a result of the use of insecticides
the evolution of
Darwin's Finches
by natural selection

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