LIE #33

CREATIONIST: " No one, including creation scientists, disputes that so-called "micro-evolution" (variation within a type of organism) caused by natural selection occurs and may be responsible for the large number of species found within a type. Almost all touted evidences for evolution are of this category (like Darwin's finches, the "peppered moth", or bacteria that become resistant to antibiotics). However, it is important to note that "micro-evolution" is a misnomer, as it implies that "a little" evolution is taking place. In actuality, NO evolution is taking place, as no increase in complexity (such as the development of a new organ) is being generated, but merely the emphasis of some already present traits over others " - Creation Science Web Page


FACT: The above statement is a lie by distortion.  First the statement above says that microevolution may be responsible for a large number of species. Then it goes on to say there is no increase in complexity!? The formation of a new species is an increase in species diversity, thus an increase in complexity. The formation of a new species is the evolution of a new "kind." Modern evolutionary theory does not in any way say that a brand new organ suddenly pops out of nowhere. Microevolution is not a misnomer as stated above, but type B creationists will define terms to suit their own biases and that is not due to simple ignorance, it is due to arrogance and purposeful deception. Apparently the Creationists quoted here do not know their definitions.



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