LIE #31

CREATIONIST: "It was dissappointing to paleontologists, in a way, to find so many fossils of dinosaurs along with so many mammals.  These two groups of animals were supposed to have separated from each other by "a gap of at least a million years."  There was no indication of the "iridium boundary" that was presumed to mark the asteroid  impact which many believed wiped out the dinosaurs at the Cretaceous-Tertiary boundary, opening the way for mammals.  Evolutionists are embarrassed by this unexpected abundance of both Cretaceous reptiles and Tertiary mammals in the same formation.  In fact, the dinosaur deposits are believed to be one of the best in the world! " - Henry and John Morris, 1997


FACT: The above commentary by Morris (1997) is riddled with cleverly designed distortions and overt blatent lies.  First of all, paleontologists are not "disappointed" to find many dinosaurs and many mammals mixed together, they were not even surprised.  The late Cretaceous dinosaurs were mixed with early primitive Cretaceous mammals and provided a wealth of data on the evolution of these two groups.  The irresponsible lying of Morris (1997) is clearly evident in his comment that Cretaceous reptiles and Tertiary mammals were found in the same formation.  Clever lie, but a completely despicable distortion.  Cretaceous reptiles are found with Cretaceous mammals, but Cretaceous reptiles are NOT mixed with Tertiary mammals, and the iridium layer lies between Cretaceous animals (both reptiles and mammals) and Tertiary animals (both reptiles and mammals).  Since Tertiary mammals have NEVER been found with Cretaceous reptiles, how can evolutionists be "embarrassed?"  What a total absurdity!

Type B Creationists often point out how evolutionists become angry during debates.  Well no wonder there is anger, but let us not be confused as to why evolutionists become distressed.  Evolutionists find type B Creationists contemptible because they lie (just as the above indicates) and NOT simply because someone disagrees with them and challenge evolutionary ideas.  Everyone must realize that lying in the name of God is contemptible and deserves to be chastised.  People should not fall for the deceptions of  Type B Creationists.

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