LIE #30

CREATIONIST: "Evolutionists reject creationism not because of the testimony of science, but because of their commitment to naturalism." - Henry and John Morris, 1997


FACT: This is a boldface lie. That implies that all evolutionists reject all creationism at all times.  The fact is that there are many, many devout Christians that are evolutionists (Type A Creationists).  These Christians believe that God created all life by means of evolution, because of the overwhelming evidence that evolutionary biology exists just as much as physics and chemistry.  But Type A Christian evolutionists reject Type B Creationists who distort and lie in the name of God to bully people from the pulpit into rejecting any form of evolution.  Theistic Creationists (type A) believe that chance and natural selection are tools of the Devine that bring about the vast diversity of living things that exist today. Christians who are also evolutionists believe that the way to understand God's work in the universe is to see His Truth as it is revealed in the rocks, the starry universe and in the fossil record as well as in the Bible.



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