LIE #3

CREATIONIST: "Intermediate forms are missing from the fossil record.  Now we see why, essentially because there were no intermediate forms.  For those whose ears are open to hear, the fossil record is saying: "Special Creation." - Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society


FACT: The above statement is a lie by simple and direct falsification. There are literally thousands of intermediate forms. There are links between ferns and conifers, between ferns and flowering plants, between invertebrates and vertebrates, between fishes and amphibians, between amphibians and reptiles, between reptiles and birds, and between reptiles and mammals. There are many links between links.  One of the most blatent lies involve the absence of so called "missing links." Since there are so many valid links in the fossil record between major groups of plants and between major groups of animals, they can hardly be called "missing." 

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