LIE #28

CREATIONIST: " Highly organized extinct shellfish such as ammonites are succeeded in more recent geological strata by simpler and less ornate forms than their ancestors. Many later forms of dinosaurs were less ornate in their anatomy than their ancestors." - Milton, 1997


FACT: So what? The lie here is an insinuation that less ornate forms evolved from more ornate forms, therefore, says Milton, evolution must be reversible. There is no evolutionist that claimed such absurdity. What has been claimed by evolutionists is that less ornate forms and highly ornate forms both evolved from a more ancient ancestor that preceded them both. That the less ornate form never became extinct! For dinosaurs, the less ornate Tyrannosaurus did not evolve from the more ornate Stegosaurus. Both Stegosaurus and Tyrannosaurus evolved from a far more ancient form possibly Saltoposuchus or Euparkeria that were from a far more distant past than either Stegosaurus or Tyrannosaurus. The statements by the type B creationist Milton (posing as a non-creationist) are excellent examples or weirdly contorted logic to confuse the ignorant and the mentally retarded. Certainly worms and elephants live side by side in Africa. How is it possible for elephants to live side by side with an "ancestral" form? First of all, modern worms are NOT ancestral to elephants, but worm-like creatures from the far distant past were the actual ancestors to both modern worms and elephants. Secondly, modern worms that are ancestral "types" to elephants still exist today simply because elephants cannot occupy worm holes. In other words, habitats suited to ancestral forms still exist today and cannot be occupied by modern descendants.

(See Pikaia)

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