LIE #27

CREATIONIST: "Creationists have been citing evidences of global catastrophism for years, and at last secular, evolutionist geologists are beginning to recognize them too."
- Henry and John Morris, 1997


FACT: The above statement is a clearly disguised lie by insinuation. Creationists are frantically attempting to make their own "Just So Stories" of the so called "Noachian flood" be made the model by which evolutionists and historical geologists have begun to "see the light." What a farce!!  There is no resemblance whatsoever between the childish story of a massive 40 day flood covering the entire earth and the infrequent episodic global catastrophes proposed by evolutionists as based on geological evidence.  If evolutionists would have used the Type B Creationists' Noachian myth as the basis for their ideas, they like the Creationists, would have looked like the village fools and jesters.  There is no similarity of any sort between the concept of catastrophism as believed by type B Creationists, and the episodic catastrophic global events as described by evolutionists and geologists (except for the term "catastrophe"). Beyond that single word "catastrophe," all similarities end.

(See Noah and his Ark)

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