Lie #26

CREATIONIST: “The idea that a complex structure or system can somehow be formed by chance is a persistent delusion accepted by evolutionists.  Typical naturalistic reasoning supposes that any thing can happen if enough time is available.  Monkeys pounding away blindly at typewriter keys are bound eventually to hit on Shakespeare’s Hamlet, so the thinking goes. But this idea is preposterous!  Consider an ordered structure of, say, 200 parts, all aligned together into a perfectly integrated functioning whole.  The correct alignment of the 200 parts has only one chance out of 10375 of being selected on the first trial. Suppose a new trial can be made every second.  In all of the supposed astronomic time (say, 20 billion years), there have only been 1018 seconds, so the chance that the correct alignment might be obtained once in the 10 billion years could be only one out of 10375.  In other words, the idea that a system of 200 parts could be arranged by chance into the correct order is absolutely absurd!” – Henry and John Morris, 1997


FACT:  There are no delusions here, that statement is a lie.  Evolutionists do not explain the formation of complex structures as occurring simply by the pure random shuffling of atoms.  Nor do evolutionists say that anything can happen if enough time is available. The fact is Creationists John and Henry Morris are not suffering from delusions either, they are lying, purely and simply.  They try to delude the uneducated into believing in their distortions by expounding absurd probabilities, then in a most arrogant and pseudo pious manner, tell everyone that their preposterous probabilities are preposterous!!  Their calculations are so imbecilic that their entire mathematical gambit is an insult to everyone’s intelligence.  First of all, simple organic compounds can be created in anyone’s garage using bolts of electricity directed through a mixture of gasses that include methane, ammonia, hydrogen and water, a mixture similar to the one that existed in the earth’s early atmosphere. Add hydrogen cyanide gas, also thought to have been in the earth’s early atmosphere, and one can obtain amazing amounts of adenine. Adenine is one of the most abundant compounds in all living things, and is an important part of DNA and ATP compounds which are essential to life processes.  Out of that mixture of gasses, one can also obtain measurable amounts of all amino acids that occur in living things, nitrogenous bases, sugars, phosphates and lipids, all of which form the basis to life forms.  These compounds consist of precisely ordered sequences of atoms that have clearly identifiable and predictable patters of chemical activities that, by the way, are rather complex. It did not take a “quadrillion quadrillion quadrillion quadrillion” years to occur as Henry Morris would like you to believe, it took only a few days!!  The reason is very simple.  There are rather large organic molecules that naturally form under the right conditions with sufficient energy input (e.g.: heat, sunlight, radiation and lightning).  These atoms get together in precise ordered sequences because of the very chemical nature of these atoms, and that in no way resembles a bunch of monkeys randomly pounding out Shakespeare’s Hamlet, as Morris would like you to believe. The probability that a self-reproducing molecule would occur on any planet, that had a similar geological history of earth, is 100% because of the very characteristics of matter, and not as a result of some events that occur at such ridiculously low probabilities as one in 10375.  Don't be intimidated when Creationists resort to nefarious methods such as using massive numbers and impressive exponents to boggle your mind. That is junk "science" at its worst.

(See Chance and Selection)

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