LIE #25

CREATIONIST: “Whether rank and file evolutionists know it or not, the problems that they have with entropy is ‘one of the most fundamental unsolved problems in biology.’  In fact, it is more than a problem: it is a devastating denial of the evolutionary model itself!  It will continue to be so until evolutionists can demonstrate that the vast imagined evolutionary continuum in space and time has both a program to guide it, and an energy converter to empower it.  Otherwise, the Second Law (of Thermodynamics) precludes it.”  
Henry and John Morris, 1997.


FACT:  The statement above by the Morris's  is filled with lies, deceptions and innuendos that relate not to the science of evolution or to evolutionists, but to themselves as masters of deceit. First of all is the insinuation that evolutionists may not know about the relationship between the processes of evolution and entropy.  That is an absurd statement; worse yet it is a boldfaced lie.  It is a shame that type B Creationists like Henry and John Morris take refuge in a plethora of lies and deception.  It is a measure of their desperation to maintain a belief in a “flat earth science” that dates back to Plato’s ideas of the “eidos” in the 3rd century BC.  (See additional discussion on the relation between evolution and entropy on page XX). In every organism it is DNA that has an enormously complex built in program, that needs energy from the sun to empower enzyme systems, in an ever-changing environment and that brings about evolutionary change.  So the statement by Morris and Morris is vacuous, meant to dissuade the uneducated from accepting the idea that the formation of all organisms on earth including people was by evolution, a number of processes brought about by the hand of God.  Nowhere does Henry or John Morris suggest the idea that evolutionists may be devout Christians, Muslims or Jews who are searching for evidence of life’s origin and the evolution of species. Nowhere in their writings do they state the possibility that God’s truth may be revealed in the rocks, in test tubes and in distant galaxies as well as in Genesis. Henry and John Morris act as if they and they alone have God’s view of the universe. Perhaps we should worship the Morris's rather than God.  Certainly the Morris's flatly reject the 9th Commandment in the book of Genesis
(Exodus 20:16).

(See Entropy and Evolution)

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