LIE #24

CREATIONIST: " The modern position is that natural selection and survival of the fittest are no more than tautologies (circular reasoning), while the struggle for existence plays no important part in evolution. The less successful breeders die out - regardless of their respective characteristics. The only help we get from synthetic evolution is that the giraffe has survived because it has survived. Natural selection is unable to offer any evidence or insight into its evolution because "the characteristics themselves do not directly matter at all." - Milton, 1997


FACT: It is difficult to believe that the "Man from Mensa" can be so utterly stupid. He is not. He is lying by omission of evidence. He is also lying directly by stating "natural selection is unable to offer any evidence..." There are many examples of evolution by natural selection. Here are just a few (there are many more):

Peppered Moth
Darwin’s Finches

If the dark form of the Peppered Moth increased in numbers while the light form decreased, does that support Milton’s statement that "the characteristics themselves do not matter at all?" If in Peter Gray’s study of Darwin’s Finches on the Galapagos Island of Daphne demonstrated that during droughts only very small and very large beaked birds survived while finches with medium sized beaks died out, does that support Milton’s allegations? What about bacteria that become resistant to all known antibiotics or mosqiotoes that become resistant to DDT? Do these examples say that "the characteristics themselves do not directly matter at all?" Come on Milton, get serious. You are simply providing more quotations for type B creationists to lie for there cause, as well as making a fool of yourself.

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