LIE #23

CREATIONIST: "The Law of Increasing Entropy is an impenetrable barrier that no evolutionary mechanism yet suggested has ever been able to overcome. Evolution and entropy are opposing and mutually exclusive concepts. If the entropy principle is really a universal law, then evolution must be impossible." - Henry and John Morris, 1997

FACT: This is a lie by direct falsification as well as by gross distortion. The very fact that life exists is evidence of negentropy, a clear exception to the so called "Law of Increasing Entropy."  The only way an embryo can develop into a fully functioning adult is to oppose the general trend toward ever increasing entropy. Entropy is the natural tendency of systems to proceed from a high state of order to disorder.  However, contrary to the lies of type B Creationists, entropy is reversible, and that is called negentropy. When a person digests his lunch, there is a rapid increase in entropy as a result of digestion. However, the resulting end products of digestion are given increasing levels of order as the person grows, building new body tissues and repairs any damaged organs.  It takes energy to accomplish negentropy and that is one of the reasons we eat.  That energy obtained by eating, is used to decrease entropy and to stay alive!  So it is with evolution. Within certain lineages, organisms of ever increasing complexity and decreasing entropy do in fact evolve.  It takes energy to evolve, and that energy ultimately comes from our sun.

(See Entropy and Evolution)

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