LIE #22

CREATIONIST: "The fact is that vestigial structures do not support the evolutionary viewpoint.  If they are really vestiges of once-useful structures, they represent deteriorations or losses, not gains or advances, in perfect accord with one of the stipulations of the basic creation model." - Henry and John Morris, 1997


FACT: The above statement is a lie by insinuation.  What is clearly being insinuated is that all reductions of any structure to the status of "vestigial" must, by Morris definition, be a "deterioration." Nothing is said by Morris that reducing one part of the body provides the necessary basis for improvement for another part. Birds lost their teeth, but that is not a "deterioration" it is an improvement!! By loosing teeth, there is a reduction of weight and thus the ability to fly is improved!  Some snakes such as boas, have vestigial hind limbs.  But losing their legs is not a "deterioration", it results in an improvement in their ability to move to brush, climb trees and slither down narrow burrows in search of food.  All of the type B Creationist's arguments are based on the fallacy that everything was first created by God in a "perfect" form (even though the Bible states clearly in Genesis that what God created was good, not "perfect." ). So from their misinterpretation of the Bible and their distorted point of view, any reduction of some body part must by their absurd definition be considered a "deterioration."


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