LIE #21

CREATIONIST: "The diverse orders of lepospondyls (amphibians with simple spool-type vertebrae) are found in the rocks of the Mississippian and Pennsylvanian.  These include the Aistopoda, snake-like creatures with very long bodies with up to 230 vertebrae and with neither limbs nor limb girdles.  If evolutionary scenarios are true, while the immediate ancestors of such amphibians as Ichthyostega were busily evolving feet and legs from their fish-like ancestors, the intermediates between fish and aistopods were just as busy discarding any trace of limbs. What selection pressures would lead to an evolutionary origin of feet and legs in amphibians while ensuring at the same time that other amphibians would end up with no limbs at all?" - Duane Gish, 1995


FACT: This paragraph contains gross distortions and lies by insinuations that may fool the ignorant but not those who understand the processes of evolution.  Yes indeed. If it were Gish in control of Creation and designing the lives of animals, he could only accomplish one simple minded task at a time.  It is truly ridiculous to think that only one form of animal could evolve at a given time in history, or that the same selective pressures are working on all fishes at the same time and in the same way at any given time.  Yes Dr. Gish, master biochemist, there can be selective forces causing one group of animals to evolve legs, while other selective forces, working on the same group in a different place, cause them to lose their legs!  How can that be?  Simply because at any time in history, there are many habitats and niches in the world  that are available to the existing living forms.  Thus, some things can be evolving one structure by which they become more effective at feeding and reproducing, while the very same forms at the same time in a different place, can be discarding that structure and thus become more effective at feeding and reproducing in a different manner in a different niche!  It is a great relief to know that it was God who was causing many forms to evolve at the same time and not Duane Gish with his limited abilities and imagination!  Gish excels at deliberate distortions to fool the uneducated, but he fails miserably to correctly explain the processes of evolution.

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