LIE #20

CREATIONIST: "Let me make it unambiguously clear that I am not a creationist, nor do I have any religious beliefs of any kind. I am a professional writer and journalist who specializes in writing about science and technology and who writes about matters that I believe are of public interest. "

But later Milton states "The only alternative (to Darwinism) appears to be either a religious explanation as presented by the doctrine of creation, or half baked speculations about aliens and quantum mechanics." - Richard Milton, 1997


FACT: This is blatant hypocrisy and a direct lie. Richard Milton is not "looney" as some university professors would like us to believe. Not at all! However he is a professional writer who is clever at lying and covering up his creationist leanings. His writings contain a considerable mass of verbosities and twisted logic that can convince only the poorly educated and those with a low order of intelligence. The obvious reasons that Milton tries so hard to cover up his Type B Creationist stand may include first, that creationists who reject evolution can refer to Milton as a highly intelligent "non-religious" person who also rejects evolution and secondly, perhaps, that creationism as expressed by members of the Creation Society, is dogmatic, unsupported and tenaciously defended by authoritarian religious Stalinists, the very adjectives used by Milton to attack Darwinism and evolutionists. What person, with any intelligence at all, can not see the utter transparency of Milton's bogus arguments?


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