LIE #2

CREATIONIST: "In referring to the bible, it reveals the larger categories of plants and animals, with their many varieties, reproducing only "according to their kinds."
- Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society


FACT: The above statement is a lie by deceptive innuendo or insinuation..   The word "only" cannot be found in Genesis preceding the statement "according to their own kinds" (Genesis 1:20).   Thus the fundamentalist lies by his own words.  If "only" was important, it would have appeared in Genesis. But thats the way fundamentalists change the meaning of the Bible and at the same time claim a "literal" translation. The word "kind" is synonymous to "species." In sexually reproducing populations, each "kind" does in fact reproduce after their own kind, but not exactly. Offspring are never exact replicas of their parents, unless they are clones of only one parent by asexual reproduction. Thus, variations among individuals that result within each "kind" (i.e. species) are real, and produce the basis for evolutionary change. Eventually these changes may lead to speciation, that is the formation of new species (i.e. new "kinds").

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