LIE #19

CREATIONIST: "There are at least three areas where purely natural causes are insufficient as an explanation. For example, no scientist has been able to explain how a universe can pop itself into existence. Another example is at the beginning of life. No workable theory has been devised that can explain how chemicals could come alive and reproduce. And for a third example, at the direction of life. The theory of evolution does not explain satisfactorily how life forms could replicate and achieve greater complexity through time without an intelligence input somewhere in the process. And God is the best explanation we have for such an input. " - Dick Fischer, 1996


FACT: The above statements are simple and direct lies. There are clear and distinct explanations on the origin of the universe. Anyone with an open mind that has not been stifled by Stalinist tactics of creationists using the pulpit and the bible as weapons, can read theories on the origin of the universe that is based on physical facts and inference derived from indirect evidence.  The same is true for the origin of life and the evolution of complexity.  


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