LIE #17

CREATIONIST: "On the basis of the evolution model, we would expect to see the gradual transition of relatively simple forms of life into more and more complex forms of life.  We would predict that new types would not appear suddenly in the fossil record which are used to define that group, but would retain characteristics used to define the ancestral group.  If fish evolved into amphibians as evolutionists believe, we would predict that we would find transitional forms showing the gradual transition of fins into feet and legs.  The fin to feet transition would be an easily traceable transition however.  If reptiles gave rise to birds, then we would expect to find transitional forms in the fossil record showing the gradual transition of forelimbs of the ancestral reptiles into wings of a bird, and the gradual transition of some structure on the reptile into the feather of the bird."
- Duane Gish, 1995


FACT: So there you have it, the absolute truth! Duane Gish has in fact told the world his personal view of what to expect on the basis of his personal characterization of evolution.  It is a setup.   It is a collection of distortions upon which he can base all of his arguments against evolution.  What he says is NOT what most evolutionists say at all. Gish uses lies to define evolutionary expectations and then proceeds to argue how his lies can't possibly be true!!  The fact is, most evolutionists do not expect to find a smooth transition from one group to another, and most do not expect to find a fossil record abundantly rich with transitional forms.  Those are creationist's lies.   Those "type B" creationists first set up a farcical fable, then explain how the fable is both absurd as well as an impossibility.  Never mind what the evolutionists really say, use Gish's "just so stories", a collection of distortions and lies about evolution all in the name of God.  His book Evolution: the Fossils Say No,  is an Alice in Wonderland caricature of the processes of evolution, speciation and the history of life.

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