LIE #16

CREATIONIST: " any intelligent, educated, reasonable person, neo-Darwinism appears to be unassailable because it appears to be the only reasonable theory available. To the scientists of Babylonian civilization, it seemed reasonable to believe that the earth was flat and was held up by elephants standing on a giant turtle. They held this view because they could not imagine a plausible alternative theory. Once the flat-Earth viewpoint was deprived of the appearance of being reasonable, its wildly improbable nature became obvious.  Today it seems surprising to us that anyone could have believed in such a theory, however limited their scientific knowledge.  I believe that something very similar is true of parts of Western science today. Whole areas of Western scientific model fits into this category: theories that seem solid as a rock and, indeed, are foundations of much of Western thinking. Yet, in reality, they are at best unsubstantiated and at worst no more than superstitions. Among these flat-Earth superstitions, Darwinism stands out as being central."- Richard Milton, 1997


FACT: The above statement is a direct lie and a lie by insinuations.   Milton beats a broken drum, as other creationists have, over and over again: that evolutionary theories are simply "unsubstantiated." What is being insinuated is that there is NO evidence for evolution. Quite the contrary, the evidence FOR evolution is overwhelming, and it comes from many disciplines: the study of natural selection, the study of fossils, the study of geology, the study of physics, the study of astronomy, the study of comparative anatomy, the study of comparative embryology, the study of molecular genetics, the study of heredity, the study of systematics, the study of biogeography, the study of behavior and the study of ecology. If evolution (Darwinism) is unsubstantiated, then how can all these disciplines of study, found at all major universities of the world, be so wrong? The real flat-Earth dogmatist is Richard Milton, the super Mensa Man for the Creationists. He states that the only reasonable alternative theory to Darwinism is the doctrine of creation (page 274). Talk about flat-Earth viewpoints! The idea that species are unchanging entities is the thinking of essentialists who believe that each species has its own "essence" and evolution would be unthinkable. Essentialist thinking goes all the way back to Plato's philosophies regarding the "eidos" or unchanging philosophical entities during 300 BC. Talk about flat-Earth superstitions!! What could be more wildly improbable than a great flood and a Biblical Noah's Ark taken literally?  But it doesn't stop there. Type B Creationism according to some Christian's point of view, is that evolution is the way by which God created life!! So which doctrine of creation is Milton talking about??


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