LIE #15

CREATIONIST: "The theory of punctuated equilibrium is supposed to account for the absence of transitional forms between species but has nothing to say about the absence of transitional forms between genera, families, orders, classes, and phyla. Any resort to that unproven (and improvable) hypothesis to explain the absence of transitional forms between basically different kinds, such as families, orders, and higher taxa, is totally without merit.
- Duane Gish, 1995


FACT: The above statement is a lie by distortion. First of all, many transitional forms HAVE been found. (See "Missing Links"). Secondly, there is considerable evidence to support the theory of punctuated equilibrium. Thousands of founders populations have been identified throughout the world. Each founders population consists of a very few individuals that have been transported to a new location, never before occupied by that species, and those individuals become established in the new area, surviving and reproducing. But these founders individuals only have a small part of the total genetic diversity of the mainland population, and this genetic paucity sets the stage for a rapid genetic change (genetic bottleneck), sometimes causing the formation of a new "kind" or new species that is reproductively isolated from its parental of ancestral type. There is much evidence for this throughout the world, thus is supported by the evidence.

Duane Gish, like so many Creationists, defines science as he pleases. Science is not out to "prove" anything, thus everything in science is improvable (and unproven). However, scientific theories are supported by the evidence and can be tested by examining the evidence. Scientific theories are ALWAYS falsifiable IF sufficient evidence can be found to falsify the theory. Only type B Creationists are looking for absolute proof, and that is NOT science.

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