LIE #14

CREATIONIST: "At one time evolutionists believed that Archaeopteryx, meaning 'ancient wing' or 'ancient bird' was a link between reptile and bird. But now, many do not. Its fossil reamins reveal perfectly formed feathers on aerodynamically designed wings capable of  flight. Its supposed reptilian features are found in birds today. And it does not predate birds, because fossils of other birds have been found in rocks of the same period as Archaeopteryx."- Watchtower Bible and Tract Society, 1985


FACT: The above statement contains lies of several sorts.  The first is a lie by distortion and innuendo. The first two of the Watch Tower statements imply that evolutionists in general at the major universities are now rejecting Archaeopteryx as an intermediate between reptiles and birds, but they are not. (The exceptions are those few so called "evolutionists" that belong to the Creation Science Society.)  If dinosaurs are reptiles, then all competent  paleontologists agree that Archaeopteryx is some sort of intermediate between dinosaurs (reptiles) and birds. Secondly, the implication that Archaeopteryx was capable of powered flight just because it has aerodynamically designed feathers is a lie by distortion. There is only a poorly developed sternum in Archaeopteryx that could not have supported flight muscles needed for powered flight. Finally, to say that other birds were found in rocks of the same time period is a blatant lie. If the authors meant other Archaeopteryx or fossils of even more primitive links (China) were found in the rocks of the same time period, then they are using clever arguments to make false insinuations, and at the same time depending on the ignorance of their readers.

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