LIE #13

CREATIONIST: "Much debate ensued in the paleontology departments of the world's history museums....of the candidates for: the fish that had, after millions of years of life in the sea, finally crawled and flapped, gasping, onto the mud of some ancient estuary to lay its eggs.

One particular example of the ancestral fish gave paleontologists abundant fossil material to study...a fish of the genus Coelocanthus. It had managed to flap onto the estuarine mudflats with its embryonic limbs, and give birth to a hopeful new generations of creatures that were able to exploit the land.     ...a moment of self congratulation was short lived...Fishermen trawling off the waters of Africa found the remains of a fish identified as a living specimen of a coelocanth. It soon became clear from examining the strange catch that the coelocanth was a poor choice for the 'missing link' between marine and terrestrial life. Unsurprisingly, the coelocanth does not stroll on the seabed with its fins, as supposed, but swims through the water just like other fish."- Richard Milton, 1997


FACT : The above statement is a lie by innuendo and distortion.   Coelocanths (a type of lobe finned fish) are not considered ancestral to terrestrial life. Whatever was reported by Richard Milton were misinterpretations of a century ago, long since corrected by paleontologists. That is the way of science, occasional mistakes followed by corrections, over and over again. Milton only quickly and briefly mentions Eusthenopteron without much comment. He wouldn't dare spend much time on recent evidence for a 'missing link', now would he. Milton would take great care to avoid the topic, especially if the evidence showed that Eusthenopteron was found in deposits of shallow estuarine mudflats. Eusthenopteron was not a coelocanth, but a rhipidistian lobe finned fish, clearly of a different kind from a coelocanth. Perhaps if Milton went back to the days of the ancient Greeks, he could find even more egregious errors to pick on, just to discredit evolution and science in general.

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