LIE #11

CREATIONIST: "More recently, in 1957, the Everyman library produced a special edition of Darwin's famous book The Origin of Species. They asked a famous scientist, Professor W.R. Thompson, to write an introduction to it and he produced 20 pages of devastating criticism of the argument of the book. And he was not a Christian. In fact, despite the impression that is often given in schools and colleges, many scientists are not happy with the theory of evolution." - The Biblical Creation Society web site


FACT: This is a lie by distortion. First of all, Professor W.R. Tompson was not a "famous" scientist by any stretch of the imagination. Furthermore he was not even a biologist. Secondly, to say that "many scientists are not happy with the theory of evolution" can be interpreted as "most scientists reject the concepts of evolution." The so called "scientists" that walk the halls of the Creation "Science" Headquarters may reject evolution, but not the scientists of the major universities of the world. Only incompetent biologists would reject evolutionionary biology, and that tiny percentage does so under threats by Creationists in the name of God.

Yes, evolutionists and other biologists have an assortment of opposing views concerning the specific details of the mechanisms of evolution. But disputes, arguments and disagreements are the means by which science progresses. What Creationists attempt to do is to brainwash ignorant and unsuspecting people to accept their own narrow and dogmatic point of view under threats of hell fire and damnation. Narrow minded dogmatism, rigid traditionalism and fanatical imposition of conformity are the means by which Creationists attempt to impede progress.


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