LIE #10


CREATIONIST: "If we accept evolution, it means God made a world full of suffering. When we compare Genesis chapters 1 to 3 with other passages in the Bible, like Romans chapter 8, it is clear that God made a perfect (`very good') creation; the reason why there is so much wrong with the created world is that people have ruined it. Yet according to the theory of evolution, there was evil present in nature millions of years before man appeared on the scene - animals preyed upon each other and suffered and died, for instance. Clearly, the two accounts differ - the evolutionary theory must drive us to conclude that God's creation, full of suffering, was far from perfect. Even if the Genesis creation-account is a myth, it still teaches that Gods creation was perfect and that it was spoiled by man. And we cannot reconcile that with the evolutionary notion that the world was made as we know it with suffering and evil in nature right from the very start.
- The Biblical Creation Society web site


FACT: This is a direct lie. Nowhere in Genesis chapters 1 to 3 or Romans chapter 8 is there any mention of the word "perfect." This is an interpretation by Fundamentalist Christians, who in their hypocracy claim to take the Bible literally, but in fact twist every Biblical statement necessary to fit their own definitions and narrow perceptions.  Even if the word "perfect" did occur, who will define what that means in terms of life interactions. Who do these Creationists think they are in their absolutic pronouncements? From a false premise that is based on an initial LIE, they dream up a most absurd argument about what is evil and what is perfect. Creationists lie in the name of God to impose their worms eye view of the universe on unsuspecting and ignorant people. This is a direct and flagrant violation of the 9th Commandment. When predators kill prey, the result is improvement of the health of the prey population. Predators usually kill the sickly and genetically weak. Who is to say that such a method is "evil?" Only those arrogant enough to claim to have the very knowledge of God himself would make such foolish statements.


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