LIE #1

CREATIONIST: "Another way of contrasting the two models, Evolution Model and the Creation Model, is to emphasize that the evolution model stresses innovation and integration, whereas the creation model is characterized by conservation and disintegration.  Therefore, one cannot properly speak of creation by evolution: each of the two terms is, by definition, the opposite of each other." - Henry & John Morris, 1997


FACT: The above statement contains within it one of the fundamental bases for all of the notorious lies of Type B Creationists.  The entire basis of this argument is false.  In the overall science of evolution, innovation and disintegration are integrated processes that bring about evolution of life forms.  As one species becomes dominate over the course of time, others may become extinct.  Some species remain relatively constant for hundreds of millions of years (conservation), whereas others evolve so rapidly in small populations, that the intermediate forms found as fossils are difficult (but not impossible) to find.  So the entire premise of Morris to discredit "creation by evolution" is a total fabrication.  Creation is NOT the opposite of evolution, but in fact are two different ways of looking at the same history of life on earth over billions of years.

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