"Darwinists often conveniently forget that chance is blind and lapse into using phrases like 'selection pressure' (a favorite phrase of both Mayr and Dobzhansky) imagining that natural selection can place an order with random mutation like diners choosing from a restaurant menu." (Milton, 1997)

For those of you who believe that the above are meaningful and truthful analogies, and truly serve to debunk the "foolish" notion of evolution by random events and natural selection, you would be the kind of person that would also believe the following:

Many people find clothes hangars in their closets, hopelessly entwined and difficult to disentangle. What you are witnessing is courtship and mating in progress!! Proof for this comes not from the floor of the closet having little hangars scattered around, but in the washing machine! Did you ever carefully place all your pairs of socks in your washing machine (or dryer), only to find one sock of some of the pairs after you washed or dried them?? Perhaps more often than you wished. But here is the truth (according to Weston Hennings, famous Creationis Scientist). The single socks are larval forms of those beastly, impious hangars that carry on hanky panky in your closet!!

"One time", states Weston Hennings, "I decided to fool the washing machine by putting only single socks in for a wash, and to disprove this nonsense and sad sack "larval theory". But what happened was that the washing machine stopped the wash cycle only a few minutes after it began. When I opened the washer to see what was wrong, there lie a note that read: "What you have done is unnatural!."