In order that a scientific idea be tested, there must be two alternatives:

1. The idea (hypothesis) is true (correct)
2. The idea (hypothesis) is false (incorrect)

EVERY idea in science must pass these tests. To qualify as being correct, evidence in the natural universe must be both supportive and repeatably supportive. It is simply not science to only look for evidence to support an idea, good science also consider evidence that may falsify the idea. If the evidence supports the idea then it is correct and then if other scientists test the idea and find that additional evidence supports that idea, the original idea (hypothesis) becomes a theory.

However, fi the evidence does not support the original idea, then that idea is considered false (Incorrect).

That is the scientific method; all ideas (hypotheses) are testable and are thus falsifiable. This rigorous method appears confusing to some people. Evolution, for example, is not an idea or hypothesis, it is simply change. Evolutionary Biology is a study or branch of science that is about change of life over the years. Evolutionary Biology is not just idea and cannot be “tested” any more that the study of geometry be tested or falsified. That would be a silly as attempting to “falsify” existence.

Some examples of areas of study are history, geometry, algebra, chemistry, geography, and of course evolutionary biology. They are NOT simply “ideas”, they are areas of study or disciplines. They cannot be tested or falsified, they simply exist. In each discipline there are ideas that are falsifiable or tested for accuracy.

One creationist remarked that “If evolution is falsifiable, when was it ever shown to be false?” This kind of thinking is clearly wrong and very misleading. A scientific theory or hypothesis does NOT have to be proven false to be scientific. That is pure nonsense.



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