When Creationists read about Darwin and his ideas, they see the word “chance” and it appears they cannot read beyond. They seem to say “Aha! Evolution is ALL by chance.” Then they build what they think is a clever argument around that very narrow and superficial read. They have come up with the silly notion that evolution creating different forms of life is similar to a whirlwind hitting a junk yard and forming a Boeing 787 jet aircraft by chance alone.

No competent evolutionary biologist ever said or accepted the idea that new species form purely by chance alone. The process by which new species form is random mutations followed by NON-random natural selection. There are three NON-random types of natural selection:

1. Non-random survival to reproductive maturity. All species reproduce more offspring than can survive. So which offspring tend to survive the most? Obviously those that do not fall prey to predators, lack of sufficient nutrients, soil conditions, or bad weather. That is not random chance alone by any stretch of the imagination.

2. Non-random mating. Just because an individual reached sexual maturity is no guarantee that individual will be successful in finding a mate and reproducing. That is not a random process.

3. Non-random fecundity. Not all individuals in a species produce the same percentage of viable gametes (sperm or eggs). Those that do produce viable gametes are more likely to reproduce their kind. That is clearly not a random process.

Since only some offspring survive natural selection, then they must be the the better adapted ones. But natural selection is a stochastic process that can only be understood by using statistical methods of analysis. People reading this who understand how stochastic processes work will understand how natural selection works and that it is not strictly random. Because statistics are not easily understood by many people, Creationists depend on ignorance and inability to understand statistics to pass on their lies about evolutionary biology.