When someone asks if “Do you believe in the theory of evolution,”the best answer is NO! The reason for that answer is that the term “believe” means that the idea is absolutely correct because it is true based on faith alone without any evidence needed. It is better to say “I ACCEPT some of the theories of Evolutionary Biology but only for now and only because the evidence so far supports those theories.

Belief and acceptance are two ambiguous terms that even the dictionaries confuse the terms. Acceptance should be based on evidence, not just opinion or faith. Also notice that I said I accept SOME of the theories, but not all. That is because some older theories have been falsified by the evidence.

The falsified theories proposed by past evolutionary biologists include 1. orthogenesis, 2. finalism, 3. inheritance of acquired characteristics, 4. pangenesis, and 5. mutationism. All evidence to date fail to support those theories.

The theories of evolutionary biology that have been supported by the evidence include 1. variation within a species, 2. natural selection, 3. gradualism, 4. speciation, 5. punctuated equilibrium, and 6. adaptive radiation.

Falsifiable means that by means of testing, a theory can be questioned. Falsifiable does NOT mean that a given theory must be shown to be false in order to be scientific. In science ALL hypotheses or theories can be questioned for validity, and it is one of the most basic characteristics of science that separates it from a religion.

In addition, it should be pointed out here that there is no one single “theory of evolution.” There are many theories of Evolutionary Biology and are all open to question.