Evolutionary Biology is a science,
just as is physics, chemistry, geology or astronomy.

The term "evolution" has a number of meanings. Each definition of evolution is a different theory in the science of Evolutionary Biology, and each has overwhelming evidence of support from many different branches of science. Often, the terms "evolutionary biology" and "evolution" are confused.




It is totally absurd to say that evolutionary biology is untestable or cannot be falsified. How absurd it would be to say that physics is unacceptable because it is "untestable" or can't be falsified. The many theories in the science of  evolutionary biology are testable, have been tested and some have been falsified and many have been supported by the evidence even though they are falsifiable.

In physics, the historically famous Sir Isaac Newton developed his famous Newton's Laws involving such things as force, mass, motion and gravity. His works are the accomplishments of a genius and have gone down in history as one of the finest developments in science. However, Einstein came along in the early 1900's showing that under certain conditions, Newton's Laws can be falsified.  Did that discredit Newtonian physics in its entirety? No, it did not. Eventually, Einstein's theories on relativity, as brilliant as they were, were shown to be falsified in some respects by Quantum physics, but Einstein's works are still recognized today as being remarkable advancements in science.

Physics is a science that encompasses a huge multitude of hypotheses and theories expressed by physicists over the centuries. Some of these ideas have been falsified and others supported by the evidence. Most of the hypotheses and theories proposed in physics are testable using accepted procedures of science. There have been some hypotheses such as flying saucers, chariots of the gods and ghosts that have been discarded by good scientists as untestable hoaxes.  Other hypotheses such as "ether" or the Bohr atom model have been tested and falsified by the evidence. But physics is a valid science and contributes much to our understanding of the natural world.

And so it is with other sciences such as chemistry, geology, biology and evolutionary biology. Evolutionary biology is a science and as such cannot be "falsified" any more than physics or chemistry. However, there are a multitude of hypotheses and theories that are encompassed by the science of evolution, and every one is testable and therefore falsifiable. 

Every scientist, including evolutionists, would greatly bask in the glory of a Nobel prize and would become wealthy as a result of being given that reward. Thus if evolution as a whole was found to be fundamentally flawed by some evolutionist, that person would receive a Nobel laureate and thus become rich and famous overnight.  All scientists find great satisfaction in falsifying another scientist's hypothesis or theory, and in fact one of the greatest rewards in reputation and wealth are a result of rejecting an established paradigm.  All that is required is sufficient verifiable evidence. Thus, science is self correcting and that includes the science of evolution.

Type B Creationists loathe to admit that science is self correcting, especially the science of evolutionary biology. If they ever had to admit that, then their entire fabrication, that there is a group of arrogant Stalinist type academics controlling every biologist, would become an absurd myth....which of course it is.  Any biologist can challenge the idea that any one theory or all theories of evolutionary biology is incorrect to the very core. However there is one major consideration for such a challenge, and that is any biologist who is attempting to "overthrow" the paradigm of evolution better have evidence with which to do so.  If he didn't, he would become a laughing stock among scientists and the brunt of many jokes for years to come.  And that is just what the Type B Creationists have done to themselves, they have become fools and idiots in their desperate attempts to find flaws in various concepts of evolutionary science.  In much the same way as the townsfolk of Hillsborough in the movie "Inherit the Wind," type B Creationists are a combination of country bumpkins and bombastic bushkins.



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